Saturday, April 18, 2009

Boundaries and fun

It has been a while since I blog about five years. I blog a lot in college more time and more things to ponder I guess. I can't wait to get back again it was really therapeutic for me so here I am.

Life has been pretty good I have one of best jobs being nanny is more then a job. Any time you work with kids it is more then you ever imagined it would be. They just have a way of worming into your heart. I really miss my little guys at my old preschool they depend on me so much and I always feel like I let them down. When you love and trust someone they should never just leave you ,but somehow being a preschool teacher pays little and is very stressful. What are you suppose to do stay for them and lose yourself or leave and feel guilty. I picked guilt and still struggle not with choice ,but with the sadness I left. I love were I am now and have know the family I am working with for three years. I had their little boy when he was two. He still calls me miss Molly and I love it.

Anyway I just have never gotten how parents are letting their child's childhood just slip away. I amazed by how many parents rarely smile much less make cookies with their kids. Yet, somehow they feel it is appropriate to give child a cell phone at age 11. The word no is not a dirty word so I suggest you start using it. Children thrive when they have boundaries. As preschool teacher it was my job to create lots of boundaries and you know what the kids loved it. They love knowing the slept at 12:00 and wake -up at 3:00. They loved knowing if they hit someone I would be there to sit them down and tell them no because they know if someone was to hurt them I would be their. Some days No was one of many thing I said. I also gave lots of hugs and danced with them everyday. Two things I have to say I have not seen a lot with parents these days boundaries and fun. Try it I beat it will make world of difference.

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